AT: 2 938 400
WIN: 1 000 000
REWARD: 200 000


The Yeppers! Social Gaming/digital marketing platform is positioned to be the perfect vehicle for Global or Regional brands. Our platform not only delivers highly targeted demographics, but we guarantee results.

Our sponsors have an unique opportunity to generate targeted exposure around the world. Our model is to designed to create a one-of-a-kind experience for our players, and our sponsors. It is our aim to gain our sponsors new customers from around the world. Our platform is designed to allow players to win valuable prizes at each level of play (depending on the game, there are up to 15 levels). As players win their way through the contest, we will bring the finalists to a destination of our choice, for a live finale. At the finale, the winner will emerge and will walk away with a cash prize of up to $millions. In return, our community of players will actually interact with your brand, and, be incentivized to promote your brand. Our game structure ensures that we will have a captive audience interacting with your brand for at least 30 minutes, each and every time they play in one of our tournaments. To make the player experience even better, we have partnered with some of the most famous athletes, musicians, actors, comedians, and brands from around the world. Celebrities have the opportunity to interact with their fans in branded parlors. Our environment is designed to be more than a casino game. Yeppers! players enjoy an experience that entices them to return again and again for future promotions. Additionally, while players enjoy the game, we're raising millions of much needed funds for select charities. We have many creative options in terms of participating as a sponsor.

To our knowledge, we are the only platform in the webosphere who can guarantee the following:

In addition, we believe our platform is an excellent vehicle for launching new products, testing new products and concepts, promote and sell your products/services.

Finally, our business model has the potential to turn your native app into a real marketing tool. We have strategies designed to put you and your customers into a daily conversation. Our offering is extremely comprehensive and we are convinced that we are in a position to offer a tremendous amount of value to our sponsors, not just for the duration of the respective tournament, but for years to come.

For participation in upcoming events or to learn more about our sponsorship options, please click here and drop us a note.