AT: 2 938 400
WIN: 1 000 000
REWARD: 200 000

About Us

Welcome to Yeppers! Gaming...your home for free-play games that offer you the opportunity to play for significant prizes. The Yeppers! Gaming Team is comprised of highly skilled experts in the fields of gaming, non-profit fundraising, technology, marketing and advertising. Our unique business model helps companies target consumers through our player specific feedback.

We have developed a multi & mutually beneficial community that creates a highly interactive and unique experience between consumer, advertiser, celebrity, and nonprofit organization. Our model is based on transparency, honesty, integrity and is designed to empower the player/consumer. By delivering high value demographic information back to our advertising partners, we are able to provide fun and interactive contests, with the chance for people to win life changing financial prizes (up to $millions), while raising significant and much needed funds for different non-profit organizations (NPO's) around the world.

We are thrilled to be able to bring you, your friends, and fellow game lovers, the chance to win the most and biggest prizes per tournament, while playing in a fun and environment, utilizing our unique brand of social games, all at no cost to you. There are no entry fees and no costs to you throughout any of our tournaments. All of our games are completely legal in most US states as well as the rest of the world where online “gaming” is restricted. We have created a very cool tournament structure that lets you enter as many times as you like with the only restriction being that you must be 18 to play. As Yeppers! Gaming does not charge our players to play, we fall under sweepstakes regulations, which allows us to operate in markets where most other firms cannot.

We are confident that you will love our game as Yeppers! was started by a group of gaming enthusiasts and professionals who were determined to make things better for social gaming lovers. We tore apart everything that everyone else was doing, kept what people love and didn’t stop tinkering until it was more fun, simpler to play, and most importantly, easier to win real prizes. We are able to offer life changing prizes as we found a way to work with advertisers and top brands to create a win-win-win proposition for everyone. Our advertising partners are happy to provide you the opportunity to win amazing prizes, and all they ask is that you simply pay attention to their commercials and/or banner ads before or during a respective tournament, and watch for special offers during the tournament. We believe that we have designed the ideal way to get this done, so everyone should be happy. If not, we promise to adjust things, so please let us know because we are building this together.

It is very important for our community to understand that it is our advertising partners who are providing the wonderful prizes. We have designed our platform so that you are not being bombarded with intrusive advertisements. Rather, passive banner ads and video commercials will rotate throughout the frame, but they do not interfere with your play.

Your participation is key to our long term success, but just as importantly, the more data you are willing to provide, the better the prizes we can offer you. As an example, we will be giving away automobiles, boats, vacation trips of a lifetime, and much more. When you tell us what you want, we will strive to deliver exactly that when your name gets drawn.

Chat-Smack with your favorite stars!

To make things even better, we have partnered with famous athletes, musicians, actors, and comedians, some of whom may be your heroes. You can see them, interact with them, and maybe even end up seated next to them in a live game in their own branded rooms where you can win prizes supplied by them, enter contests, and "smack chat with them, all while kicking their butts in our different game options.